Wishlist and FTA Accountants Corporate Partnership


The company you keep says a lot about you.

The company we keep makes it a pleasure to be in business.

For 10 years, our team have worked in close partnership with Wishlist and

the local community.

We donate our time, money, sweat and tears back into the community that supports us.

Because Your Community, Is Our Community.

So how do we get involved?

We make regular donations as a part of our Corporate Sponsorship with Wishlist to help support the needs of the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service.

However as members of the community Wishlist supports we don’t believe in just sitting back and watching our donations make an impact, we get out and get involved! You will often find us out and about at Wishlist events volunteering our time or participating in the events, such as the Wishlist Fun Runs or Christmas gift wrapping stations.


We also offer all our services as a discounted rate exclusively for health staff and supporters of Wishlist!

So what exclusive discounts can you get your hands on!?


For every SMSF we set up for a Health Worker or any member of their family, we will offer a discounted rate of $1,100 (Inc GST).

We will then immediately donate half of the fee ($550) straight back to Wishlist!

Click Here to learn more about the benefits of SMSF’s or speak directly with us!


We offer salary and wage earners a discounted price of $132.00 (Inc gst) on tax returns; or $198.00 (Inc gst) for returns that include an investment property. The price exclusive for Health Workers and members of their families.

We also offer discounts for all of our other services as well, simply mention Wishlist when you contact us for a quote. 

Interested in getting your tax done with us or setting up a SMSF?

The team are able to complete your returns in a number of ways:


Our team can meet you on location!

We visit the hospitals regularly.

Simply book an appointment!

Call (07) 5409 2300

Email Wishlist@ftaaccountants.com.au


Pop down to our office in Maroochydore! The coffee is on us!

Simply book an appointment.

Call (07) 5409 2300

Email Wishlist@ftaaccountants.com.au


We know you have a busy life and getting your tax done is the last thing on your priority list after finishing a hectic shift.

Thats why there’s no need to meet us face to face!

Simply email your information to wishlist@ftaaccountants.com.au and leave us to do the rest!

If you have a lot of documents you can use a cloud sharing service such as Dropbox or alternativly contact us and we can set you up with an account to use our secure Client Portal.


We know you have a busy life and getting your tax done is the last thing on your priority list after finishing a hectic shift or maybe your schedule doesn’t suit our opening hours?

That’s why there’s no need to meet us face to face!

Simply post your information to us and let us to do the rest!


Our Postal Address:

FTA Accountants

PO BOX 1375

Maroochydore QLD 4558


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What does Wishlist say about FTA?

The team at FTA Accountants have served as our hospital foundation’s probono accountants for ten years, which includes preparing our annual financial statements for audit by the Auditor-General and for tabling in Parliament by the Minister for Health.

FTA Accountants became a corporate partner of Wishlist in 2015, further contributing to our annual $1million spend on enhancements to local health services and directly supporting Health Staff.

The Wishlist team relies heavily on FTA Accountants for financial advice and support each year, and we know we can call on them at any time for professional and prompt support.

Underpinning every cent of our $18million spend on local health needs to date is the support of local business like FTA Accountants, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have this organisation on our team.

Lisa Rowe

CEO, Wishlist