Name: Robert Thornthwaite
Role/Position: Partner
Office: Maroochydore

My Background

Born and raised in Brisbane, I started on the path towards an exciting career in Accountancy with a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Queensland. When that wasn’t enough I went back to the books to complete a Masters of Accounting from Griffith University and a Graduate Diploma from the Institute of Chartered Accountants to be a qualified Chartered Accountant. Along the way I have also attained the qualifications to be a licensed Financial Planner and recently became accredited as a Registered Self-Managed Superfund Auditor. My learning journey continues… every day is a school day at FTA Accountants

I started my career working my way up through 2 accounting firms in South East Queensland. One was a boutique firm on the Gold Coast, where I learnt that client interactions were everything and realised the satisfaction of helping small businesses achieve financial success. The other a large second tier firm in Brisbane, where I learnt to use my knowledge base to deal with the larger end of the business spectrum. In 2007 after crossing paths with an old time school mate we started FTA Accountants which is where I am today.

Outside of Work

When not at the office I am found supporting (too passionately at times) my beloved Collingwood Magpies. I am also a tragic Wallabies supporter and yearn for the day they bring the Bledisloe Cup back to its rightful home. I do however suspect this may not be in my lifetime …

My favourite business anecdote that I have heard along the way goes something like this:

A famous former Wallaby (whose name shall be withheld to protect the guilty), turned up for his first day in his new corporate life, post football. The first team meeting began with the boss yelling and screaming at the staff for their under performance and lack of results. He turned to the famous ex-Wallaby hoping for some confirmation of his ranting and said something like – “What would happen in the Wallabies if 80% of your teammates consistently under performed week in and week out.” The famous former Wallaby replied with a deadpan matter of fact response…"They would most likely sack the coach…”.

A good leader takes responsibility for the teams performance and should be judged accordingly.