Name: Rebecca Stephens
Role/Position: Trainee Financial Controller | Admin Assistant
Office: Maroochydore

Other Certificates:

Xero Certified Advisor


I’m originally from the Rockhampton area, but I’ve been living on the Sunshine Coast for the past fourteen years – so, I’m practically a local! I attended Siena Catholic Primary and College, and my favourite subject at school was always maths.

I’m a quick starter, and I was itching to get out of school and start actually making a difference somehow. I wanted to get a full-time job because I love learning hands-on, and I’m keen to do something exciting and stimulating. Working at FTA Accountants has been great, I get to meet so many people from different areas of business, and the working culture here couldn’t be better. Everyone is helpful and enthusiastic. The attitude is always positive and about helping the clients – no matter what.

I want to keep learning, and in addition to the challenge and experience at FTA, I plan to study either accounting or civil engineering next year at university.

At this stage in my career, every kind of client represents an opportunity for me to learn something new. The way we work at FTA is all about doing whatever we can, and using our skills to help people get to the point they want to get to – so, it’s vitally important for someone like me to take as much knowledge on board as possible, and that’s what I’m trying to do.

I do love working with smaller family businesses, though. There’s sometimes a real connection to the client that we can’t get with larger companies. I see my diligence and efforts paying off for clients – in very real and apparent, positive ways. Sometimes it’s about a client passing the business down to a son or daughter, or helping them put a child into college. It’s so lovely to be a part of something that’s making a real difference, and we do that at FTA.


I come from a very close-knit family, and so, I see my cousins at least once a week, and it’s always great to catch up. I love travelling and have been to the US four times.

Running is my sport thing. I would very much love to compete in the New York marathon at some point. I also love rugby union, and I support the Queensland Reds and the Melbourne Rebels – my favourite player of all time is Quade Cooper.

At the weekends, you’ll usually find me exploring the coast, climbing up mountains, and trying out all the different beaches we’re so lucky to have on the coast here. My favourite ‘me’ time is taking my dog, Rocky, for a walk. I do that every day. I also love meeting up with my best friend for coffee and a chat.



Contact Information:

  5409 2313