Name: Natalie Shephard
Role/Position: Roma Office Manager & Associate
Office: Roma

Recognised Qualifications:

B Acct


Other Certificates:

Xero Certified Advisor

QuickBooks Intuit Online Certified ProAdvisor


Career Background:

I grew up on a dairy farm in South Burnett, so my connection to the agricultural industries is solid, and I guess you could say the love of country living led to us relocating in Roma back in 2011 after the birth of our first child. My passion for numbers, helping people and achieving goals drew me to accountancy. I’d initially envisaged becoming a prep teacher, but an accounting module within computer studies at school completely flipped my life and university plans.

I’ve worked in the accounting industry since November 2007; I started as an assistant accountant with a respected South Burnett accounting firm. From there, I’ve built on my knowledge, thanks to some great mentors and client experiences.

My journey with FTA Accountants started in April 2012. Over the years, we’ve grown our family and now have three young boys.  While on maternity leave with my third child, I took on full-time study to finalise my Bachelor of Accounting degree at Central Queensland University. My return to work in November 2017 saw me move into a manager’s role at FTA Accounting, working alongside Johan.

Over the years, I’ve gained experience working across a variety of industries. Being at FTA has taught me a lot about the value of client relationships. I’m a big believer in knowledge sharing, and love to use the knowledge that I’ve developed over the years in helping a wide range of local companies. I’ve found out that all knowledge is useful at some point. You never know when experience from way back when is going to lead to a solution for a client – and that’s what we’re here to do – find answers and improve companies.

I consider my family to be my most significant influence. As kids, we were taught, “if you can’t do something properly, don’t do it at all.” I apply that in my personal and work life every day and FTA is the perfect place to work, because excellence is standard here.

Because of my family history around agriculture and the country, I have a particular soft spot for working with people from that area, but I love the variety we get at FTA. We work with so many different companies, from all sorts of sectors – the atmosphere here is always one of trying to improve, keep learning, and apply ourselves and our skills whatever we’re working on. It’s all about the clients at FTA, and that’s the way I like it.

I get a regular fix of proper country life because we often take the kids back to the farm and we don’t just visit – everyone gets their hands dirty! I think it’s important to stay connected with my roots and I want that experience for my children too. Growing up where I did taught me great values, and I think it’s a side of life everyone should be lucky enough to experience.

When I’m not working, there’s nothing better than gathering up the family and either heading back home or going camping. It gives us some high-quality time together, and the kids are always learning or experiencing something new.

At least once a month you’ll also find us out dirt bike riding. It’s a great hobby, and it also gives us chances to support community groups across Queensland, through fundraising trail bike rides.  To get a bit of “me” time, I enjoy a weekly game of volleyball.




B Acct

Contact Information:

  5409 2306