Name: Johan Ferreira
Role/Position: Partner
Office: Maroochydore


Recognised Qualifications:

CA, Bcom, Finance Broking


I became an accountant because I love helping people achieve their personal and financial goals. I think it’s both a worthwhile and a very fulfilling career. There are few things better than seeing the results my dedication and hard work can bring to other people, and how it can have a significant and positive impact on their lives, and the lives of their families. I’m originally from South Africa, and I started my career at the South African tax office. I worked there for nine years and learned a lot about the mechanics of tax. I then moved on to the private sector and spent three years working in a public practice firm, before moving to Australia and fulfilling a professional ambition to provide excellence in accounting with FTA.

For my first seven years in Australia, I was based in Roma, delivering services to local companies with FTA. During that time, not only did I settle into the Australian way of life, I got the chance to develop a better understanding about the needs of business owners in regional and rural Australia.

You’ll find me in the Maroochydore office these days, still striving to help local businesses and always seeking to improve the services that we offer collectively here at FTA. We like to think it’s not just about balancing books; we work as a team to do so much more than that for our clients. Like everyone else who works here, I want to make a difference in my role. FTA is the perfect environment to achieve that.

I hold a Bachelors Degree in Commerce, majoring in Accounting, a Diploma in Internal Auditing, I’m a Chartered Accountant, FBAA member and I’m also a registered finance broker. For me, accountancy is about communication, as much as it is about the professional qualifications. We’re trying to put that into practice here, and we’ve been getting great results.

FTA Accountants has allowed me to develop an excellent understanding of the types of businesses in the local area, and of the needs they have. What I enjoy most is operating right across the board, talking to people and making my knowledge work for our clients. Often, once we know the concerns and day to day issues of a business, the team can help to really push it on and tackle problems with taxation, lending, or cash flow that have been holding a venture back. That’s all that matters to me; it’s not really about the sector – it’s about helping companies improve and become more successful.


My favourite activity is camping, I love all things outdoors, and the area around where I work and live is so beautiful that it’d be a shame not to get out and enjoy it whenever that’s possible. Getting out and experiencing nature is an excellent antidote to urban life and a fantastic way to unwind after a busy week at work. I find that the time we spend together as a family, free from many of the modern gadgets which prove a distraction for the rest of the week, is the best time ever.

Something that even a lot of my friends and colleagues don’t know about me is that I absolutely love classic cars and muscle cars! I appreciate the engineering and the technology that goes into today’s fuel efficient, but somewhat sterile vehicles – I just love the design and the brashness of older automobiles. I can’t get enough of them.



CA, Bcom, Finance Broking

Contact Information:

  5409 2308