Name: Cornelia Kemp
Role/Position: Accountant
Office: Maroochydore


Recognised Qualifications:


When I was a kid, I always wanted to be an accountant, and I’ve always had a talent for working with figures. I achieved my ambition back in 2008 when I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in South Africa, and I’ve found that working in the industry has only increased my interest in furthering my personal career development.

Before moving to FTA at the start of 2019, the vast majority of my industry experience was gained in a corporate environment, and while I’m learning new skills in my current role, some of the knowledge I gained in South Africa is coming in really useful.

I’m currently enrolled at the University of Sunshine Coast, where I’m completing my masters degree, and I’m enjoying the challenges and changes of a new life and new work on the Sunshine Coast.

I’ve loved every minute of my working days since joining FTA Accountants in June, but the stand out thing for me in my new role has been the contact with clients. At FTA, the philosophy is all about helping clients by getting to know them, and by figuring out what their goals, concerns, pain points, and ambitions are – on both a personal and business level. I’ve found that element of the job brings a whole new dimension to my role as an accountant, and feel it empowers me to get better results.

Outside work has been a dream since we arrived on the Sunshine Coast. Being close to the beach has been one of the most pleasant changes. Queensland is a truly beautiful part of the world, and the people here have been welcoming and supportive, both in and outside of work.


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