A competitive salary is still one of the things that employees want most. However, taxable income and other options, like cars, that are taxed by the government aren’t employees’ favorite benefits. The truth is, most employees aren’t content to simply pursue wages. Instead, they’re looking for fringe benefits that can help them succeed in their careers and build the lives they want.

Is it really important to offer those key benefits to your employees? “You don’t build a business. Instead, you build people, and then people build the business,” is a popular refrain that perfectly sums up just how important your employees are to your business. You need your employees. They are the ones who form the backbone of your business. This includes customer interactions that view how the public thinks of your business to the innovations that help keep your business at the top of your industry. So what benefits are your employees really looking for?

Flexibility Benefits

For today’s employees, work/life balance is more important than ever. Employees have busy lives, and they want to be able to live them! Many companies put forth effort to allow their employees more work/life balance, including:

Offering flexible scheduling. Can your employees work three 12-hour shifts or four 10-hour shifts to meet their hours for the week, rather than needing to work five days a week? By allowing employees to decide on the schedule that works best for them, you can put them in a better position to enjoy the other things in life that need their attention. 

Allowing employees to set their hours each day. Do employees actually need to spend specific hours in the office? Or, can they choose their own hours–at least to a point? Allowing employees to set their own hours can let them breathe a sigh of relief when they have important appointments or other things to take care of. Some employees may routinely want to take a longer lunch, perhaps to take a gym trip, but finish up the hours at the end of the day or come to work earlier to take care of it. 

Permitting employees to work from home as needed. Do your employees really need to be in the office, or can they easily work from a remote connection? From sick children to deliveries that can’t be missed, there are many days when employees will need to be out of the office. Permitting them to work from home can offer exceptional flexibility. 

Offering more vacation time. Did you know that offering more vacation time can actually increase productivity? Offering your employees more flexibility with their vacation time can make happier, more creative employees who are more invested in their daily job tasks when they’re in the office. 

Training and Development

“Train people well enough that they can leave. Treat them well enough that they don’t want to.” Today’s employees, especially millennial employees, are constantly looking for training and development opportunities. They want to be able to attend conferences, gain certifications, and, most importantly, learn more about their industry. Is your company offering them those opportunities? Do you encourage internal advancement? From offering tuition reimbursement to paying for certifications each year, your company can encourage your employees to learn more about their field, which in turn makes them happier to work for your company. You get better-trained employees who are more loyal to your business: an advantage from every side!

Wellness Programs

Health and wellness are becoming increasingly important to employees, who are eager to challenge the conception of Americans as fat, lazy, and unhealthy. Unfortunately, working at a desk job makes it incredibly difficult to get in that vital activity every day. By offering a corporate wellness program, you let your employees know that you care about what’s important to them and that you’re there to support them. Put in a company gym or offer a discount on a gym membership. Instead of bringing in pizza and doughnuts, offer healthy options like fruit or yogurt. Put together company-wide competitions and incentives to help get employees moving. Not only will you make happier, more invested employees, you’ll decrease sick time and potentially even company spending on employee illnesses. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Today’s employees want to work for a cause. They want to engage with something that’s important, or that has the potential to make a difference. Find something that your company stands behind and believes in. Donate work hours to it several times a year. This small investment can help encourage employees to see your company in the best possible light. It can build relationships between employees, including those who might not work together on a regular basis. 

Casual Dress

Long gone are the days of coming to the office in a suit every day. Especially if you work in an environment where employees don’t even interact with customers on a regular basis. Offer your employees the flexibility and comfort of casual dress. It might surprise you how important to really is to them!

well behaved dog sitting under desk in office

Pet-Friendly Work Environments

No one likes to think of their beloved pet sitting at home, missing them, day after day. Not only that, pets are a great source of stress relief! Consider allowing employees to bring their well-behaved pets to work each day or bring in an office mascot that will help relieve stress for everyone, especially when deadlines are tight or tempers are high. 


Do you offer a “Please” or a “Thank you” to your employees on a regular basis? Do you recognize them for a job done right and celebrate their accomplishments? Your employees want to be recognized–and they want to be treated like people. They want to work in a great environment that values and appreciates them for their contributions, not in a place that gives them the impression that they can be replaced in the blink of an eye of they’re no longer fulfilling expectations. Make a habit of letting your employees see how important they are to your organization. 

At FTA Accountants, we have embraced causal dress and flexibility as well as offering training and development to our employees on an ongoing basis. Some of our team are still pushing for a pet-friendly work environment, but in the meantime, we believe that our office is a great place where employees enjoy coming to work each day.

Have you taken the steps to increase employee loyalty in your office?